Sunday, September 15th, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

Director:               Chelsea Smith

Committee:          Lindsay Bebbington, Betty Brander, Kristine Duncan, Jane Richardson & Paul Richardson

Judge:                   Jason Dykstra        

Entry fee-- 15% of prize money won


  1. All exhibitors must pay $5.00 membership fee to Region of Peel Agricultural Society.  Ribbons awarded to fifth place.
  2. All entries in the Stake Classes must show in the qualifying class for their stake.

Canadian Hackney Society Junior Exhibitor Challenge Trophy to be presented to the Canadian Hackney Society Jr. Exhibitor who tallies the most points in Canadian Hackney Society Jr. Exhibitor Classes.  Points to be awarded on a pro-rata basis.  Trophy courtesy of the Canadian Hackney Society Junior Exhibitors.

Ring numbers generously sponsored by Davis Feed & Farm Supply, Caledon East, Ontario

Prize Money:

 Class 1  – handed out by sponsor at the fair

 Classes 2 to 8  – 1st - $55.00, 2nd - $45.00, 3rd - $35.00, 4th - $30.00,  5th - $25.00

 Classes 9 to 15 – 1st - $45.00, 2nd - $40.00, 3rd – $35.00, 4th - $30.00,  5th - $25.00

 Classes 16 to 22 – 1st - $85.00, 2nd - $80.00, 3rd - $75.00, 4th - $70.00, 5th - $65.00


  1. Canadian Hackney Society Jr. Exhibitor Showmanship Class - Open to boys and girls under 18 years as of January 1st of the current year.  To be judged on ability to show horse or pony in hand.  Open to hackney type horses or hackney type ponies.  Sponsored in Memory of   Lois Richardson.
  2. Team of Road Horses
  3. Open Road Horse to a Wagon
  4. Open Road Horse to a bike – driver to wear colours
  5. Open Hackney Horse
  6. Open Hackney Pony -  Sponsored by the Debbie McKeown & Todd McNally in Memory of Doc & Mildred Bovaird
  7. Single Harness Pony - long mane & tail
  8. Roadster Pony, 50" & under. Driver to wear colours. Sponsored by Sharon & Trevor Small
  9. Lady Driver  - 18 years & over, open to all hackney ponies (cob – tails & long-tails)
  10. Lady Driver - 18 years & over.  Roadster to be hitched to a bike.
  11. Ladies Hackney Horse – to be driven by a lady 18 years and over.
  12. Canadian Hackney Society Junior Exhibitor Driver.   Open to all registered hackneys (mare or geldings only) – suitable to be driven by a junior.  To be shown to a suitable four wheeled vehicle.  To have long mane and tial or braided mane and short tail.  To be shown by a boy or girl under 18 years of age as of January 1st of the current year.  Exhibitor or member of his/her immediate family must be a member of the Canadian Hackney Society.  To be judged on manners, quality and performance of the animal and the driver’s ability.  50 % for the driver’s ability and 50% for the suitability of the animal.  Cross entries permitted.  Sponsored by Cheslea, CJ & Wendy Smith  in Memory of Norman & Jean Smith.
  13. Roadster Pony 50" & under driven by a Junior Exhibitor.  Driver to wear colours. 
  14. Hackney Pleasure Pony 14.2 & Under driven by an Amateur or Junior Exhibitor. 
  15. Open Hackney Horse or pony, under saddle - walk,trot only
  16. Single Hackney Pony Stake.  Gift to the winner courtesy of Davis Feed & Farm Supply.
  17. Single Road Horse Stake, hitched to a bike.  Driver to wear colours.  Gift to the winner courtesy of Greenhawk Harness.
  18. Roadster pony Stake, 50” & under.  Sponsored by Jane Richardson and Paul & Brenda Bebbington in Memory of William Richardson.  Winner to receive the William Richardson Perpetual Trophy donated by his family.
  19. Single Harness Pony Stake, 50” & under.  Winner to receive the Dr. Wm. C. Bovaird Perpetual Trophy donated by Adam Bovaird.
  20. Single Hackney Horse Stake.   Winner to receive the James & Vera Carter Perpetual trophy donated by a Friend.
  21. Single Road Horse to a Wagon Stake
  22. Hackney Pleasure Pony 14.2 & under Stake.  Sponsored by Paul Richardson – Richardson Town and Country Real Estate, Caledon, Ont.