Convenors: Eleanor Cation 416-587-1615

       Marlene McClure 905-838-5416

Associates: Marsha Christie, Connie D’Sousa, Helen Dunstan, Joan Ewan, Shirley Grice, Jeanette Langevin, Glenda Richardson &

Donna Wanless


  1. Flowers must be grown by exhibitor unless otherwise specified.
  2. Plants must be in possession of the exhibitor at least two months prior to show.
  3. Weighted containers must be used for top-heavy exhibits.
  4. Please write “New Exhibitor” on the back of entry tag if you are a new exhibitor to this section.
  5. This section is for non-professionals only.
  6. Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticulture and Floral Design will be the accepted guide for judging.
  7. Containers must be leak proof to be judged.
  8. Container for floral arrangement should be compatible in size to floral arrangement (floral arrangement approx. 1.5 times the size of container).
  9. Plant pot diameter not to exceed 10” (approx. 25 cm) in diameter, length or width, unless otherwise specified.
  10. Decorative arrangements do not contain soil.
  11. Plants infested with insects will be disqualified and removed from exhibit hall.
  12. Please be sure your entry is in the correct class to avoid disqualification.


  • Cut flowers should be uniform size.
  • Rose blooms should be 1/2 to 3/4 open at judging time.
  • Multiple blooms from the same variety of flower or plant shown in one exhibit - the quality, variety of the blooms and the artistic effect of the exhibit will be judged.
  • Decorative arrangements – the use of fresh flowers organized to create an attractive display. Containers are considered and any live foliage or plant may be used as well.
  • Chief points of design: colour, harmony, distinction and condition of blooms and relation to container.
  • Cut flowers – flower with foliage should be chosen.
  • A stem may have one or more branches.

Prize Money:

Classes 1 to 20   1st - $4.00, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $2.00

Special A as indicated

Classes 21 to 29                1st - $6.00, 2nd - $5.00, 3rd - $3.00

Specials B to G as indicated


(Plant pot diameter, length, width not to exceed 10” - (approx. 25 cm) unless otherwise specified)


  1. African violet – single crown, single or double bloom
  2. Aloe Vera
  3. Begonia – flowering
  4. Cactus or succulent (eg. Kalanchoe)
  5. Coleus
  6. Geranium – any variety
  7. Ivy – any variety
  8. Spider plant
  9. Any other flowering plant not listed above – must be named
  10. Any other foliage house plant not listed above – must be named


(Attached leaves only. No additional foliage)

 11. Cosmos – 1 stem

12. Dahlia – 1 stem – any variety

13. Daisy-like flower – 3 stems – any variety

14. Hydrangea – 1 stem

15. Rose – floating in a bowl

16. Rose – hybrid tea – 1 stem

17. Sunflower – ornamental – 3 stems – same variety

18. Zinnia – 3 stems – same variety

19. Vase of mixed annuals – minimum of 3 varieties

20. Vase of mixed perennials – minimum of 3 varieties

Special A: Best cut flower(s) in classes 11 to 20 – Sponsored by ACE - Peel Hardware and Supply 1st - $20.00 voucher



Classes 21 – 28 ONLY – APPLE accents must be used – may be fresh, dried, silk. Candles permissible.

 21. “Apple of My Eye” – An arrangement for a loved one using crisp apples.

22. “As Canadian As Apple Pie” – An arrangement in a pie plate

23. “Harvest Table”– Centrepiece arrangement

24. “The Royal Family” – Exhibitor’s interpretation

25. “The McIntosh Clan” – Using plaid as an accent

26. “Red Delicious” – Red arrangement

27. “Ginger Gold” – Arrangement using orange and yellow flowers

28. “Northern Spy – A Little Mystery” – Exhibitor’s interpretation


Special B : Best Arrangement in all classes 21 to 28. Not necessarily 1st in Class. Sponsored by Salisbury Garden Supplies. 1st - $50.00

Special C : Exhibitor scoring the most points in classes 1-28. Sponsored by Stephanie’s Greenhouse.  1st - $50.00 voucher

Special D : New exhibitor scoring the most points in section 48, classes 1 to 28. Sponsored by ACE - Peel Hardware and Supply.  1st - $20.00 voucher

Special E: “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me”– presented in a container. Must include these four elements: stone, wood, metal & plant material. exhibitor’s interpretation (accents may be used) – Sponsored by Glen Echo Nurseries Inc., 15070 Airport Rd., Caledon East     1st - $50.00 voucher, 2nd - $25.00 voucher, 3rd - $20.00 voucher

Special F: “Apple of My Eye” – exhibitor’s interpretation (accents may be used) Sponsored by the Christie Family in memory of Florence Christie.    1st – $15.00

Special G: “Pick of the Crop” – Arrangement in a basket or pail. Sponsored by Donna Wanless, Re/Max Real Estate Services Ltd. 1st - $25.00