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Convenor: Marlene Spies                    

Associates: Jennifer Colborne, Sue Dunn, Carolyn Greszczyszyn-Brown,

Lorna Jenkinson, Marlene Mallinen & Eve Traetto                                                          


  1. Photographs must not exceed 8” on the longest side, and printed on photo paper.
  2. Photographs must be matted on single sheet of stiff paper like Bristol board or cardstock. Please use neutral colours like black, white, navy or brown.
  3. Minimum border ½ inch: maximum border around the picture 2 inches.
  4. One print per matte, except in computer changed class.
  5. Entry tag must be fixed to the top RIGHT side, using tape or staples.
  6. Complete entry tag with section and class number, plus exhibitor’s number.
  7. New Exhibitor must mark “NE” next to name to qualify for New Exhibitor’s points.
  8. Exhibits can NOT be picked up before 5:30 p.m. on Sunday

Prize Money:

Classes 1 to 14   1st - $4.00, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $2.00

Specials A to D as indicated


Class Title or subject of picture for 2020 Prize
  Plough or farm equipment (old or new)  
  Something orange  
  Ceremony (baptism, graduation, etc.)  
  Camping or fishing  
  Flowers or trees  
  Mom and baby animal  
  Environmental trash  
  Vintage car: bumper, backlit, or other detail  
  Computer changed picture. Only two prints – before and after on the same matte. Note size restrictions for prints and matte borders.  
  Pokémon family (game; use AR mode setting)  
  Patterns: Dots, dashes or diagonals  
  Action picture  
A Special – Picture with funny (haha) caption added. Judged by committee. $10
B Special – To the new exhibitor winning the most points in classes --- to --- $10
C Special – To the previous exhibitor winning the most points in classes --- to --- $10
D Special – Committee’s Choice, judged by committee. $10
```````` TOTAL $  


 NOTES: Read General Rules and Regulations HERE